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  • Barbara

Getting uber tired of this crazy WH administration? Want to be an agent of change? Do this.

Committeemen and Committeewoman are THE agent of change!

My husband and I went to our local GOP Executive Meeting this week and learned more about this position and how we can help be an agent of CHANGE.

The meeting was enlightening, encouraging, exciting and we felt like family from the minute we walked in the door.

We attended the Dallas County, TX GOP Executive Committee Meeting. They are like-minded and have the SAME goals we have! Get rid of the RINOs, focus on election integrity, and get back to our Constitutional Rights and STOP THE MADNESS!

It's time to quit talking and whining about it and GET BUSY DOING SOMETHING!

We learned that our precinct already has a committeemen ... but we will be helping him out as captains! Plus, his term will end next year and we will take over. We will help him recruit other committeeman/woman in our surrounding precincts. He explained there are SOOOOOOO many positions open that are not being filled!

THIS is where you can help enact BIG changes.

However, if you can't commit to spending a little bit of time each month volunteering to be an agent of change you might as well stop reading now.

But, if you're interested ... READ ON.

What do do:

First, go to

Watch the 13-minute video interview with Daniel Schultz and Steve Bannon explaining the Precinct Committeeman Strategy. There's lots of info on this website.

Second: [on the site] look on the right-hand side and find what is available for your state. If you're on a mobile device, scroll to the very bottom and click View Full Site.

Then, find your county Republican Committee online.

Third: Contact them or just show up for the meeting like we did. Don't worry about how you'll dress. We both dressed very casual.

Find out what precinct you reside in before you show up - this is important!

Some states will list open positions for Committeeman/woman. Other county elections or Republican committees will publish this information online. Find out which county or local committee exists that you can participate in as a precinct committeeman/woman.

If there is no vacancy ... find your precinct committeeman/woman and ask them how you can help.

Learn as much as you can.

I purchased Daniel Schultz's book to help me understand more about this powerful position. As much as I dislike A-M-A-Z-O-N ... it was the ONLY option to purchase the book.

I received my copy today and will read it to gain more knowledge:

Mr. Schultz encourages all of us to contact him directly if we have more questions.

Here's his contact info:

Daniel J. Schultz

The Law Office of Daniel J. Schultz

7399 S. Hazelton Lane

Tempe, Arizona 85283

Office: (480) 775-7200

Fax: (480) 452-1933

Cell: (480) 797-4946

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