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  • Barbara

Do you want to delete Fakebook, IG, and Tweeter?

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

This site won't be pretty [yet] as I'm adding content to get it up and running ASAP. I've had LOTS of friends ask me where to go from here with the major onset of censorship and suspended accounts. I'm struggling to keep up with everyone and decided to just put it on a site. I'll be adding more posts as time goes on, but right now time is of the essence and it will be very basic.

There are many options out there and checked out a few of them over the last 6 months. The issue today is that many are SLOW loading today because of the onslaught of new registrations.

I'll be posting some of the options below.

First, however ... I'll explain how to save YOUR INFORMATION off Fakebook and IG if you want to keep it.

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