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  • Barbara

Get Involved 2: news you can use

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

I've been "researching" credible news sources, pod and videocasts for almost a year. Whew ... those are hard to find! Can you relate?

The sources listed below are the ones I personally found to be fair and credible and report news I can use! I'll add more as I find them.

  • Disrn News: - I signed up to receive email notifications from their site.

  • SafeChat: I prefer this app for news sources. I pick and choose the news sources I want to follow: The Blaze, Man In America, Gateway Pundit, The BL, The Hill, SayIt EllieB, The Epoch Times, My Great America, NTD, Aric Chen, America Uncovered, Politics News are just some examples.

  • Read more about SafeChat here:

  • Pluto TV [free TV] on your PC or mobile device:

  • I watch OAN Encore and The Benny Report.

  • Rightside Broadcasting [RSBN]: they have "live" events every now and again . They are also on Gab and Clouthub.

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