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  • Barbara

Good companies to support: [list will be updated frequently]

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

I've made previous posts regarding which social media outlets and businesses to cancel because the want to cancel our voices! This post will list businesses I've started to support.

I've also cancelled Amazon and started ordering from companies directly! It just requires a little more planning. Several orders were received in just over a week.

If you know more businesses that love America, freedom and liberty ... please email me. I'll be happy to add them to this page. Please add Christian companies too!

  • Grocery stores: Aldi, Brookshire's, Tom Thumb, Trader Joe, Costco

  • Pillows, sheets, towels, bedding: My Pillow [website]

  • Clothes/Shoes: Belk's

  • Discount store: Dollar Tree, Big Lots

  • Furniture: Weir's, Costco, Overstock

  • Pet supplies: Hollywood Feed, Atwood's, Costco

  • Electronics/Life & Living/Pet Supplies: NewEgg [website]

  • Drugstore: Walgreens, Costco

  • Home and Garden: Costco, Home Depot - less offensive than Amazon

  • Athletic Wear/Shoes: New Balance

  • Shipping/packaging/wrapping materials: Uline [website and stores]

  • Health Food/Sweeteners/Skin Care: TrimHealthyMama [website]

  • Shop local: Savvy Organics Farm

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