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  • Barbara

Is there Absolute Proof of fraud in the Nov. 2020 Election?

Whether you think it's a conspiracy ... or not ... take 2 hours out of your life and watch Mike Lindell's [My Pillow] documentary linked below and decide FOR YOURSELF! Quit listening to MSM. Do some research. Ask questions. Watch the hearings, look at the reports and open cases:

Email me ( if the videos below don't work. YT took it down shortly after it went live.


Why would they do that?

Censor everyone and everything that even breathes a word about it? Why?

If it really IS all a bunch of conspiracies and lies ... why not just leave it alone? I mean ... I don't see videos, articles or websites of bigfoot, space aliens, flat earth theories or notions that Elvis may still be alive being censored anywhere on the net. Why bother trying to squash information about the "integrity" of 2020 Presidential Election at every turn? Strange. But why?

And even IF fraud will never be found ... why can't we just take a look at the supposed "evidence" and "proof" and FIND OUT FOR SURE? Why do the courts keep pushing it aside? Why can't we just take a look at the "evidence and proof" now so that we can have faith and help ease our minds about election integrity in the future?

Why can't we just go through the process of knowing that our votes [whoever you voted for] MATTERED and elections can be trusted NOW and in the FUTURE?

Watch the video that's being highly censored and then YOU DECIDE for yourself!

There are MANY other sites that are hosting the documentary. I'll link the ones I'm aware of below:

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