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  • Barbara

IT'S TIME TO GET INVOLVED! Why? If you have $5 plus 1 hour per week for 6 weeks ... then read on!

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

"The future of America depends on what Christians do — or don’t do.

We’re a nation on the brink. So much is at stake and Christians could change everything by getting involved. But they’re nowhere to be found.

Only 25% of evangelicals vote. Even fewer take a stand on the critical issues of our day.

If America falls it will be the fault of believers who knew the truth but refused to stand for it.

Summit’s Political Animal course is a credible, plug-and-play tool to mobilize your friends to engage constructively in politics." Source:

The Political Animal 6-week study explains WHY we need to be involved and the cost is just $5 + shipping! Videos are included with that price! The great news is that it can be an individual study, Sunday school or in-person group or online study.

Summit Ministries is an organization I've been involved with for over 14 years. Their mission is to equip and support rising generations [and us mature-timers] to embrace God’s Truth and champion a biblical worldview in all areas of life. I used their curriculum to teach high school worldview courses to homeschoolers. One of the ten disciplines we covered in the course was POLITICS!! Yes, as Christians, we are obligated to be involved in politics.

My husband and I will be hosting this online study for 6 consecutive weeks starting Sunday, March 14th. We will not meet Easter weekend. The time commitment is one hour per week [meeting] with approximately 20-30 minutes of pre-reading the session notes. Our class is already full, but we would host another one (mid-end of May) if there's enough interest. We will also be sharing HOW to get involved in the political arena starting at the local level. Remember, politics always start LOCAL! Just imagine the impact we can all make in our own communities if everyone who completes this course hosted their own class with 12-14 participants!

The good news is that you don't have to be part of a group or wait on us to start this study. You can order the materials and get started right away. Just read the material and watch the videos. That's it! I'll be adding ways to get involved in upcoming posts to help you get started.

The link below is for the Political Animal Study Guide and Download [$5 + shipping]. It's all you need to get started:

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