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  • Barbara

The U.S. Constitution ... WHO holds the power to uphold it?

Shortly after the "outcome" of the November 2020 Election, I watched Professor Shane Vaughn's [aka Prof Toto] first ever election video on Fakebook. I'm not sure how I ran across it, but it caught my attention. He shot the video while driving in his car and the title intrigued me: "What Happens If President Trump Does Not Concede The Election". It was unscripted, sincere and hopeful.

As time rolled on, I learned that Prof Toto knows the Constitution well. I've watched all his videos regarding the election ever since ... and boy have I learned a lot! I will add that I don't watch his other videos.

He made a video last night that's particularly interesting. It has to do with WHO holds the power to uphold the Constitution. It's not who you think it is. During this election we've seen the judicial system, SCOTUS, the House of Representatives, our Senators and almost all others in the "establishment" fail us at every turn.

I encourage you to watch his latest video and then get busy contacting your state [and other state] legislatures!!

Prof Toto mentions TX AG Ken Paxton specially in his video. I encourage you to contact him and Governor Abbott and thank them for standing up for the State of Texas. If you're not in TX, I encourage you to contact your State Legislatures, Governors and AGs and ask them to follow their example. The contact info for your state reps is included in my previous post titled GET INVOLVED 1: know who represents you and stay informed.

And it's OK to contact state legislatures from other states too! Everyone can use a little encouragement and let your voices be HEARD.

Read about TX AG Ken Paxton and the ruling on the deportation freeze here:

Read about TX Governor Abbott ordering state agencies to sue the Biden Administration here:

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