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  • Barbara

UPDATE: Looking for a smartphone that blocks tracking & doesn't censor apps? Look no more!

Months ago I posted about the Purism phone: We ordered ours in January 2021, but because of production delays [chips, etc], they MIGHT ship in this October!!

I don't want to wait until then to find out ... "oops, sorry, we're not able to fill your order".

Enter ... the FREEDOM PHONE!

The Freedom Phone is a free speech and privacy-first focused phone. It includes features like tracking blockers and an uncensorable app store.

Freedom Phone has developed the first mass-marketable mobile phone operating system based on free speech!! How cool is that?!

The phone works with Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, & Sprint, and all other domestic & international carriers. You may move all your phone data over in 60 seconds as soon as the phone arrives.

Read more about their phones here: Use promo code CANDACE for $50 off.

The website states they are shipping orders starting next week:

I'll update this post with a review once I've set up my new Freedom phone.

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