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UPDATE: Which non #bigtech social media platform is best?

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Today is Tuesday, January 19th, 2021. And wow ... what kind of ride are we in for you ask? Stay alert, keep the faith in Jesus Christ and also continue to pray to the Lord God Almighty!

Here's the update: Parler was taken down by a p p l e and a m a z o n [more on that in a later post] but they're hoping to be back up and running by the end of the month. I've kept the app for the account and will just be patient and wait for it to return.

In addition to the ones below ... I found one more today which I'm going to start using right away. It's called SafeChat. No S. It's not safe chats. It's SAFE CHAT. It already has all of the news sources that I follow that are not MSM! I've subscribed to their channels.

The developer is in the USA ... not China or Russia! That's important to me. It's a cross between T w e e t e r & Fakebook. Here's the link:

I've settled in on 3 new social platforms so far:

  1. Gab - to replace my fakebook account - they have their own servers and don't rely on anyone. The founder is solidly Christian. I like what I see and have paid for a PRO account for one year as I support their efforts. I've also started using their browser called Dissenter on my laptop. They also have messaging. They recently added more additional servers to accommodate the influx of new users and are running much more smoothly! Bonus: Born in the USA.

  2. Safechat - to replace fakebook and tweeter for NEWS and messaging. I'm still checking out their features. But I like what I see so far! Bonus: Born in the USA.

  3. Parler - to replace tweeter for NEWS. I support Dan Bongino, et al, and their efforts to go against big tech and a m a z o n right now. Bonus: Born in the USA.

  4. I'm not big on I N S T A ... so haven't found an alternative for that yet. But will make a new post here when I do. But all three above allow you to post your own pics, etc.

All three of them have messaging built which is helpful. I'm dropping M E S S E N G E R and I N S T A in the next several weeks as they are owned by fakebook too.


Today is Saturday, January 9th, 2021. And wow, things sure have changed in the last week and especially in the last 24 hours!

I was going to suggest Parler as my first social media platform blog post ... but changed my mind. Right now they are being heavily censored by g o o g l e, a p p l e and that other online GIANT [starts with the letter A] that has made BILLIONS of $$ in the last 10 months! They all informed Parler that they will not host their apps or servers starting tonight. Parler will be down for a few days ... but don't worry ... they will be back.

I've been on Parler since last June and it's the one I'm most familiar with. However, I registered with MeWe and Gab a few months ago, but never really posted on their platforms. I just kept it in my back pocket for a later time. Well, that time is now!


Gab is a great alternative but the learning curve is similar to MeWe! It's very popular right now since Parler was censored. It will take a bit of patience to get registered because they are very overloaded. But don't give up!

MEWE - UPDATE: not sure about this one now. Owner states he is a libertarian but some websites stating he's funding the democratic party. I'll stay connected on it for now until I find out more info.

I joined MeWe back in November of 2019. It's a place where several friends are connecting right now. It looks promising, but there's a big learning curve. It seems to be a hybrid between FB and Tweeter, but has a lot of information that's relevant and doesn't seem to be censored by big tech. You can access your contact list and see who has already joined. There's also the option to send a request to friends in your contact list. Message me and I'll send you a request to be my friend :) However, I'm still checking on the developers of this app.


They are gaining popularity too and seem to have a few more features than Gab. I have added a few friends, but am still playing around with it. I'm still checking on the developers of this app.

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